As a church we are dedicated to loving people. We demonstrate our love for others in the ways that we serve, forgive, pray for, and encourage them. There are many opportunities for us to live life together through various ministry teams, by praying for others, and sharing the Gospel message with people in our community and across the world through mission work.

Where Can I Serve?                                            Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One    of the most important values of this church is our mission to the    world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to    every nation. Church members are involved in a variety of              ministries from things as simple as pulling weeds, to preparing the church bulletins.   

Music & Drama

God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Many church
members get involved in our music and drama ministry. Some
play their instruments. Some are vocalists. Still others get involved in drama. These volunteers are an important part of the ministry of our church, using their talents and gifts to glorify God.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of this church. In
an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use
these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our
weekly sermons are uploaded to our website. We also maintain
an active Facebook and Instagram feed for additional church communication. 
Youth and Kids Ministry 
Each Sunday morning, children and youth get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. Each of the class teachers is carefully screened and thoroughly trained in children’s instruction. The youth ministry of our church is recognized for their meaningful interaction with kids. 

Mission Outreach

New Life is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. We are active in sending missionaries and supporting these missionaries with our money and with our prayers. Each year, a small team from our church travels to one (or more) of our missions to assist our missionaries in practical projects and evangelistic outreach. We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it means that they move to a foreign country or live and minister in our own community.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. The Prayer Team meets on the last Wednesday of every even numbered month. We meet to pray for our congregation as well as plan various events throughout the year.
We strive to make every person welcome here at New Life. Our greeters have a significant role to play as they meet first-time guests. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment so that they can be open to hear the truth of God’s Word.

We are following Jesus

by loving God,

loving people,

and making disciples.

Children’s Home of Ohio
Choloma Church in Honduras
Church of Christ Prison Ministry
Crescent Project [Drydens]
Diamond Willow
Round Lake Christian Camp
South India Church of Christ
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