Disciples Making Disciples
The Church has been given the mission to go into the world and make disciples or followers of Jesus Christ, by baptizing them in the the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey His commands.
We seek to fulfill our mission by being followers of Christ that in turn are helping others follow Him as well.
We are Following Jesus by Loving God, Loving People, and Making Disciples.
We love God by keeping His commands while growing in our worship, understanding of scripture, prayer, and service.
We love people by serving, forgiving, honoring, praying, encouraging, building up, and being devoted to one another.
We are making disciples as we share the Gospel message, encourage others in their relationship with Christ, and train ourselves to serve.
We gather together to worship God every week. Our Sunday morning gatherings as well as our Sunday School classes and Children’s programs are designed for us to express our devotion to God. Scripture says that if we love God then we will obey His commands (John 14:15). Our desire is to grow in our worship, understanding of scripture, prayer, and service. 
Our Sunday morning Worship Gatherings are shaped by scripture such as Acts 2:42. We are dedicated to biblical teaching, celebrating communion, prayer, giving, and fellowship. We also include musical praise and other arts that encourage us to express our love for God as His Church. 
We offer Sunday Morning Education classes at 8:45am. These classes are available for ages toddlers through adults. They are designed to encourage us to grow deeper in our faith and love for God and His Word. Whether you prefer a structured form of scripture study or a discussion format, there are classes to choose from. 
A worship time tailored to elementary children meets during the 10:00a Worship Gathering with singing, bible lessons, and activities that will equip children to love God. CIA and Youth group meets on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. This is designed to teach children of all ages about God and His work in our lives.